Is your SEO supplier going to get you punished? Ideally not, but rather there is an opportunity it may. It is too simple to even think about putting up a site and publicize SEO administrations without really realizing what they are doing. There are additionally advertisers out there who don’t stay aware of Google best practices and still utilize old strategies that are inadequate.

On the off chance that you have never been hit with a Google punishment, let me simply disclose to you it is an ordeal like no other. Your heart falls into your stomach, you turn out to be short on breath and your eyes begin to hurt from gazing at your PC screen pondering what occurred. It is anything but a positive sentiment and one that you never need to involvement. Far more detestable, when potential customers or accomplices find you on Google and see you’ve been punished, kiss your notoriety farewell.

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As you plan your SEO technique for the year, here are four things to keep an eye out for. In the event that any of these are going on, there is a decent possibility you are headed to a Google punishment.

  1. Connecting to your landing page

In the first place, there is nothing amiss with including landing page joins into your backlink methodology. In any case, it must be done the correct way.

A few people still trust that securing more connects to the landing page of your site will enable that site to rank higher. Those individuals are as yet living in 2005. Google doesn’t rank sites. It positions pages. That is the reason you have to connection to quality substance inside your site and not the landing page.

A beyond any doubt sign that your supplier is doing things wrong is in the event that they connect your landing page to a correct match catchphrase. For example, connecting the expression “Web optimization supplier” to the landing page of a real SEO supplier.

Correct Match Anchor Text + Homepage Link = Road Leading to Google Penalty

Landing page joins are fine in the event that they are done normally. The main “normal” way I see landing page joins is on the off chance that it is marked (e.g., the article is discussing a particular organization and connections to the landing page of that organization) or a statement that connects to the landing page of the individual giving it (even this is risky as some dark cap advertisers are oversaturating Google joins from statements).

On the off chance that you just have a landing page and item presentation pages on your site, the time has come to begin reconsidering your advertising plan. Begin a blog and produce quality substance that individuals need to peruse. This is the best way to guarantee quality connects to your site.

  1. Connection ranches and wheels

A connection cultivate is simply a progression of sites set up by a SEO supplier to create backlinks to explicit locales. They are made utilizing free stages, for example, WordPress or Blogger and truly have no esteem other than attempting to control list items.

A connection wheel is the point at which an advertiser connects to a cash article (your site) from others. The articles connecting to the cash site are then connected from different articles which additionally connection to the cash site.

Do whatever it takes not to dishonor interface wheels directly off the bat. Some SEO pros can utilize connect wheels without joining join ranches. This can at present be a viable strategy for backlinking and furthermore happens normally with fantastic substance.

At the point when a SEO supplier can get a backlink for you, inquire as to whether they claim the property where the connection starts. Assuming this is the case, it is likely a connection cultivate.

At the point when a SEO supplier says they use interface wheels, inquire as to whether they are utilizing join ranches or on the off chance that they are taking part in white-cap connect wheel strategies.


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